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We strive to provide the best and affordable service to our clients with Health and Hygiene at the core. We look forward to welcome you!!

At Golden Petals Beauty Parlour we provide all types of Facials, Bleach, Full Body Waxing, Threading, Henna and Hair Cutting services for ladies and kids. It's time to pamper yourself.

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Sapna is a such a wonderful person and welcomed me with a smile (even I was late). She explained me everything very well and gave me an excellent service. I went there for facial and it was so relaxing. I will definitely go to golden petals beauty parlour again.


Aujla Roobel

Golden Petals Customer

I got to do my facials in this parlor. Sapna was very professional and amazing. She made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. She explained upfront everything that she was going to do. I loved the experience there. Would definitely be going there again.


Niranjana Chandrashekar

Golden Petals Customer

Just had my first appointment here and loved every bit of my experience with Sapna. The service was great, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I recommend this salon highly. Any problems with your hair cut or facial leave it to Sapna, she is amazing!!! Thank you Golden Petals Beauty Parlour!!!


Shobhashree Byndoor

Golden Petals Customer

Beauty Tips for Skin in winter

Winter brings joy and along with it come dry and flaky skin. Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing:

1.    User good quality moisturiser daily. Reapply during evening and night

2.   As my grandma says, use coconut oil in your navel area. This will keep your face glowing

3.   Keep lips covered with a good quality balm, applied several times during the day

4.   Keep that warmer/heater to a lower temperature and if possible use a humidifier

5.   Avoid astringents on the face as most of them contain alcohol which will cause dryness and itchiness

6.   Keep going with your exercise/gym/yoga/Zumba regime

7.    Get a good cream based facial, it is important for dry skin types to exfoliate regularly, to avoid a build-up of dead skin cells, there are key ingredients that good facials we all can benefit from


Facials help cleanse your skin and help rejuvenate it. This also helps in increasing the blood circulation, removal of dead skin and unclogging your pores which helps provide with more oxygen and nutrients to facial skin. Regular facials help in reducing fine lines.

All skin types are different, and we aim to explain different types of facial treatments and their benefits. You can select one of the Facials from our services page or we can also recommend the best based on your skin type. Our all longer facials come with back massage.


There are so many benefits of regular waxing. It helps in less regrowth or finer regrowth of Hair.

Waxing is like exfoliation, it dispels shaving rash. With proper waxing service done you can say goodbye to itching and rashes.

We provide proper before and after treatments with all our waxing services.


The first and the best benefit of using threads is there is no chemical involved. Usually its quicker to get done and lasts longer. Not to mention that it really inexpensive too.

Most of the times Eyebrow threading gives more precise results than waxing. Getting threading done is always better for sensitive skin.

Hair Cutting

One cannot stress more on how important it is to have a proper hair cut so that it defines one's overall personality. Every hair cut is selected based on the frame of your face structure.

we all know that regular hair cutting helps prevent hair end splits and promote healthy hair. It improves natural hair texture and enhances beauty and boosts confidence.

It makes you feel absolutely wonderful.